To register for any of these classes:

 We are delighted to accept email and telephone registrations (905-715-7725).

Of course, if you wish to come and see us in person, that’s even better!

In addition to the classes listed here, we are also available for private (individual and group) bookings for sewing, computer, and quilt/embroidery software classes. Please feel free to contact us should you have some class interests not listed here—or listed at inconvenient times. We’re always open to new ideas and will schedule in as much as we can to accommodate your needs. We invite you to browse our schedule below. Note: newcomers are always welcome, even to class series already begun!


We welcome registration by email only until April 4, and after that by email, telephone, and, of course, in-person. Enrolments will be registered in the order received. Confirmations will be emailed beginning April 4

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Watch for these classes in Fall 2017

Quilting Classes:


Project: Iron Caddy (1 session)

$30 + matl’s

Join us in making this easy, but handy-dandy iron caddy… it’s perfect for totin’ along your iron to retreats and classes; it’s stylish AND convenient—it unfolds to become your very own ironing surface, and then packs up snugly around your iron (even a hot one!) to transport it back home. Absolutely ingenious! Pattern includes “special” ironing board fabric, and is available in two sizes. Additional ironing board fabric available in-store, too, so you can make one for all your “bestest” friends!





Project: Patchwork Tote (2 sessions)

$45 + matl’s

Okay, we had a tough time deciding where to put this, so we finally decided it merits two mentions (so you'll see it on the embroidery page, too). This gorgeous tote is made in two stages: each patch is created individually on your embroidery machine and incorporates such techniques as basic embroidery, in-the-hoop piecing, Texture Magic, fancy fills, and more. Then, when you have each panel “just so”, piece them all together into a stunning tote you’ll be excited to show off.  Requires purchase of the Anita Goodesign Patchwork Tote embroidery design set, and a machine capable of 5x7” embroidery.





Stashbuster Starter (3 sessions)

$60 + matl’s

Learn the basics of quilting from the start: piece the top layer, make a quilt sandwich, quilt it using straight-line methods, and then bind your creation. Tackle your stash with this fun-and-easy crib or lap-sized quilt.