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In addition to the classes listed here, we are also available for private (individual and group) bookings for sewing, computer, and quilt/embroidery software classes. Please feel free to contact us should you have some class interests not listed here—or listed at inconvenient times. We’re always open to new ideas and will schedule in as much as we can to accommodate your needs. We invite you to browse our schedule below. Note: newcomers are always welcome, even to class series already begun!


We welcome registration by email only until April 4, and after that by email, telephone, and, of course, in-person. Enrolments will be registered in the order received. Confirmations will be emailed beginning April 4

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Watch for these classes in Fall 2017

Embroidery Machine and Embellishment Classes:


Embroidery PHD Intro (1 session)

$70 + $5 kit

Learn the essentials of your embroidery machine: threads & threading, needles, hooping & stabilizing, how to navigate your machine, access built-in designs (including text), as well as working with “outside designs”. Complete this class with the confidence to tackle all your upcoming projects. *Class fee is waived for embroidery machines purchased at That Sewing Place.






Bernina Aurora Intro aka “Easy on PC” (1 session)

75 +$10 kit

Learn the advantages of working with Bernina’s EC on PC embroidery system, and how to confidently send designs to your machine, position them precisely as desired, manipulate and navigate through designs to achieve special effects, and to align a sequence of designs to create border embroidery. A MUST for Aurora embroidery machine owners! Bernina ArtLink class strongly recommended as a prerequisite!







Embroidery PHD Beyond The Design (1 session ea, 5 levels)

$75ea incl kit

Beyond the Design: what to do when embroidery meets technique. Expand your skills by exploring creative stitchouts and design manipulation while building a reference manual of embroidery samples: cross-stitch, mixed media, numerous appliqué methods (including cutwork), quilting options, and more! NOTE: these classes are not linear; i.e. you do not need to take them in order, though you must have completed the Intro session (listed above) before beginning Beyond the Design...













Brother INNOV-Edit (1 session)


Embroidery Edit enables you to combine and manipulate designs and lettering to create custom embroidered expressions.  Quickly, easily—and right on your embroidery machine! Learn the ins and outs of giving even store-bought designs the personal touch! - Note: this is a programming class; no stitching will actually be done, though all designs will be saved to your machine for optional stitch-out later (with a very cool incentive!) *Class fee discounted to $45 for machines purchased at That Sewing Place.





Brother INNOV-Align (1 session)

$75* + $10 kit

Attend this hands-on session to discover why Brother’s design alignment options are so fantastic! Explore borders and continuous hooping and discover your new favourite technique! Play with several small-scale samples to learn how to make the most of this process. *Class fee discounted to $45 for machines purchased at That Sewing Place.





Embroidery PHD Stabilizers (1 session) 

$45 incl matl’s

If you own an embroidery machine, this lecture-demo class is a must-have primer. Improper stabilizing is the greatest cause of poor design stitch-out. Discuss many of the different stabilizers available and their cause-and-effect on different fabrics and designs. Learn to assess your embroidery stabilizer needs and how to make choices to yield the best results. No machine required—you get to travel light to this session!





Brother Embroidery Club (5 sessions)

$100 + matl’s

Join this hands-on, project-oriented club. Expand your embroidery portfolio with group projects of your choosing. Learn to adapt existing projects and techniques to suit your particular tastes, all under expert guidance. Bring your lunch to munch while your machine stitches out your masterpieces! Geared particularly towards machines with a 5x7” or greater embroidery area...





Embroidery Club—Saturday Edition (2 Sessions)

$70 + matl’s

Missed some of the cool projects we’ve played with in the Thursday club because you couldn’t play hooky from work (work always seems to get in the way of having fun, doesn’t it?)? Then this Saturday Edition is for you! Come spend the day creating! A custom but loosely structured member-set agenda means that both sewing and embroidery will be used in this session.






Baby Brother Club (6 Sessions)

$120 + matl’s

Gotta “Baby Brother”? That includes the Brother NV900D, NV950D, NV990D, HE240, LB6810… fantastic “little” machines with nothin’ little about their capabilities! Explore all the cool things that you can do with this machine: sewing, piecing, embellishments and embroidery—along with all the tricks and tips that make it easy! Not a sewing club… not a quilting club, not an embroidery club—let’s roll it all into one and show off what your Baby Brother can do!






Project: Patchwork Tote (2 sessions)

$45 + matl’s

Okay, we had a tough time deciding where to put this, so we finally decided it merits two mentions (so you'll see it on the quilting page, too). This gorgeous tote is made in two stages: each patch is created individually on your embroidery machine and incorporates such techniques as basic embroidery, in-the-hoop piecing, Texture Magic, fancy fills, and more. Then, when you have each panel “just so”, piece them all together into a stunning tote you’ll be excited to show off.  Requires purchase of the Anita Goodesign Patchwork Tote embroidery design set.






Workshop Series: Freestanding “Architexture”

$FREE* + matl’s

Embroidery Design Studio has the most gorgeous freestanding designs! And there are so many to choose from: bowls and ornaments, bookmarks and frames; tiaras and jewelry, masks, laces for linens, candle-wraps and lanterns. Make buildings: birdhouses, doghouses, tiny people houses—a whole village, in fact! Pagodas and lighthouses, windmills and more—check out the selection HERE.
*These classes are
FREE when you purchase the applicable design set AND the required stabilizers from That Sewing Place.






Workshop Series: Just Bobbin’ A Round (1 Session)

$45 + matl’s

Explore bobbin embellishment uniquely combined with the circular attachment to create a lavishly embellished sampler panel. This class is an exciting opportunity for thread play with your decorative stitches and threads. Incorporate additional techniques such as couching and appliqué to create a geometric and textural masterpiece suitable for framing or incorporating into home décor, a tote bag panel, wearable art, or… well… whatever you can imagine it to be!






Photo-Thread Painting

 $60 +$25 kit fee

Can you believe that this beautifully detailed picture is all thread? You too can paint a masterpiece in thread with guest teacher Cathy Climpson, recently featured in A Needle Pulling Thread magazine for her stunning work. Learn the techniques and the tricks of thread-painting: choosing suitable materials,
assessing your starter or base photo, and how to achieve the coverage, shading and dimension as you practice your free-motion thread-painting technique. Start on a smaller scale with a provided photo and expect to have homework!






Workshop Series: How Bazaar!

$60 incl matl’s

Spend the day exploring numerous small, “quick-stitch” projects ideally suited to selling at craft sales and bazaars… come prepared to stitch like crazy, producing—in class—over a dozen small projects that you can “mini-mass-produce” and profit on. Kit and embroidery designs provided, both sewing and embroidery applied. Too much fun!

See our Summer Sessions Page for this session





Workshop Series: Reversible Place Mats (1 session)

$50 + matl’s

In this all-day “two-fer” session, you’ll explore two very cool reversible embroidery techniques, each resulting in a different placemat. On one, you’ll embroider-quilt the centre placemat panel and then piece your place mat “quilt-as-you-go” style; on the second, you’ll apply a reversible appliqué and quilt the layers “all at once”. Finish it off with a simple back-and bind technique… Note: Designed for machines with larger hoop areas (6x10” or greater).






Workshop Series: Metallic Playday (1 session)

$30 incl kit

This 2-hour session is intended to take the intimidation away from working with metallic and specialty threads by giving you the tools—and the know-how—to work with these higher-maintenance pretties that often need to be “babied”. Discuss the properties of several specialty threads, threading tips, needle choices, and stabilizer options that lessen the stressin’ with these often-avoided threads. Embroider a reference sampler as your take-home reminder.





Workshop Series: Butterfly Shirt (1 session)

$25 + matl’s

Combine reverse and raw-edge embroidered appliqué techniques—along with simple but effective buttonhole weaving—to brilliantly embellish a t–shirt. Explore design placement, stabilizing, fabric choices, embroidered buttonholes and a simple but pretty neckline… a lovely, fresh addition to your spring wardrobe...





Stitch Play Club (3 Sessions)

$75 + materials

Explore numerous methods of embellishing fabric with your sewing machine—explore techniques such as twisted threads, tucking of all sorts, sashiko, twin needling, pintucks, couching, piping, wing needle work and more. Create beautiful artistic panels to apply as focal points in projects of your choice, or begin to assemble a collection of components for the Stitch Play Sampler wall-hanging pictured at right. What an amazing opportunity to play with your stitches, your accessories, threads and colour! (Note—the Sampler requires more than these three sessions to complete, but more sessions will be scheduled summer/fall as per demand.)





Stupendous Stitching (2 sessions)

$60 + matl’s

In this intensive but easy embellishment class, you will finally get a chance to play with all of those lovely stitches on your machine. Richly fill a batik panel with decorative stitching, couching, and glorious colour. And just when you think you can’t add any more—you do! Only when your fabric is completely covered with beautiful stitching will it be ready to insert it into your project of choice—a framed piece of textile art, a tablet cover, eyeglass case—even a purse! The pattern for the purse shown at right will be provided FREE to all attendees.





Top & Bobbin Table Runner (2 Sessions)

$60 + matl’s

Typically called bobbinwork, we prefer the term “bobbin-play”… revel in the texture, sparkle, and luxurious colour of various “threads” too thick to use in the needle… Turn your sewing world upside-down as you explore several techniques used to stitch with your bobbin thread as the focal point. Make a richly stitched modern, modular table runner using both decorative sewing machine stitching and optional hooped embroidery. (Sample pic to be posted soon—or come see it in-store! Pictures never do these beauties justice, after all!)