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Fall 2017

Embroidery Software



Brother PE Design PLUS Intro (1 session)


Explore the exciting customization options offered by Brother’s starter-level software, PE Design PLUS. Learn the easiest ways to view your designs and transfer them back and forth between your embroidery machine and computer, design customizing and combining, colour changing and re-sequencing, as well as nifty text tricks to truly personalize your projects (like quilt labels!). This is a hands-on class, so bring your computer and thinking cap—we’re gonna have some fun! Only features common to both software will be covered in this class *This class is n/c to any who purchased PE Design PLUS, NEXT, or Version 10 from That Sewing Place.





Brother PE Design Intro (1 session)


PE Design NEXT is Brother’s industrial–quality embroidery digitizing software, and it’s jam-packed with very cool features that allow you customize and digitize unlimited embroidery designs. Get a jump-start on making the most of this powerful creation tool! This is a stand-alone class and will contain some review of features explored in the plus/next intro… and a whole lot more! *This class is n/c to any who purchased PE Design NEXT (or v10) from That Sewing Place.





Brother PE Design Club (3 Sessions)


PE Design is Brother’s industrial–quality embroidery digitizing software, and it’s jam-packed with very cool features that allow you to customize and digitize unlimited embroidery designs. With a focus on creating simple designs and editing purchased designs to achieve your own custom results, you will explore the tools of the software and tricks of the trade. Stitchin’ out your creations will be homework, LOL.
*This session is applicable to the PE Design NEXT or v10





Brother PE Design Auto Digitizing & PhotoStitch (1 session)


This class is open to Brother PE Design PLUS and PE Design NEXT owners: Explore the Auto Punch (automatic digitizing) and PhotoStitch features that Brother offers in both of their software levels. Learn how to assess artwork for automatic processing and determine which settings to apply. Discover how easy it is to create works of embroidered art! *Class fee only $50 if you purchased your Brother PE Design at That Sewing Place.





Bernina ArtLink Intro


Bernina ArtLink is an amazing little software package offered as a FREE download from Bernina—and is a great tool to enhance your embroidery capabilities: view embroidery design files on your PC, create design positioning templates, play with switching out colours, scale designs and more! This software is a wonderful stand-alone utility—it is the first software every embroiderer needs! Suited as a starter software for all embroidery machine brands!





PC File Management for Embroiders (1 Session)


If you collect embroidery designs, then this session is for you! It’s easy to collect design after design, and before you now it, you have thousands of them on your computer—and you can never find the one you want when you need it! In this session you will learn how to direct your downloads to a specific location, unzip compressed files, and rename design files for easy identification. Let’s get ‘em sorted out!