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On Sunday, March 1st, Jaret, Mikaela and Marlene spent some family time at the store and opened up those boxes that had been sitting in the back classroom for a few days…Mikaela did a great job supervising (as evidenced in the photo) the opening of the boxes and assembly of the hydraulic table.  She did a great job, because the Grimble Family had that beautiful machine up and running in no time!

The hydraulic table will allow you to sit or stand while quilting, and the large 20″ throat provides room to quilt those quilts demand more reach than your home machine.  With it’s built-in dual Stitch Regulator, you can stitch up to 2200 stitches per minute and know your stitching will always be perfect, now matter how fast or slow you sew.  A dedicated bobbin winder (auto fill while you’re sewing) means you’ll save time keeping a few extra on hand for quick changes!  Customize your stitch length from 24 stitches per inch right up to 1 stitch per inch (yep, that’s one stitch every 25mm – perfect for those who like to take advantage of the basting feature). Fifty LED lights gives you ample lighting right under the entire length of the throat. To top it off, the 4″ colour touchscreen makes adjustments (including electronic tension and personal stitch control preferences) easy to see and do.

Tucked away in a cozy corner of the back classroom at TSP, this machine will soon be available for hourly rental for those who want some quiet quilt time away from your busy home.  Finish your quilt and know you made it from start to finish without the aid (or cost) of having someone else’s long arm machine do the work.  You can quote Frank Sinatra and say “I did it my way”.

Not sure how to use it?  No worries, initial operator training is included with your first rental rental session, and having the luxury of a knowledgeable and experienced staff member on hand while you’re here will give you the confidence to operate the machine as you complete your one of a kind quilt on your own!

If you fall in love with the machine, know that as Authorized Bernina Dealers we can get you one of your own to take home.