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Bachelor of ScanNCut (BSC):

Complete all five classes in our ScanNCut BSC program (marked with BSC) for your own That Sewing Place Bachelor's Degree in Brother ScanNCut proficiency. There is no time limit to acquiring this degree, and classes may be taken in any order after completing the Intro session. To earn your degree, your reference binder and all samples must be complete. If additional classes are added you may update your certification with gold seal validations, issued upon completion of each additional class.

ScanNCut Intro (BSC) (1 session)

$90 (Class Fee waived for ScanNCuts purchased at That Sewing Place+ $5 kit fee
Bring your 
Brother ScanNCut for an exploration playdate. We’ll focus on learning your way around the screens, experiment with cutting various mediums and discover just a small part of what your new toy can do. See how this wonderful tool can enhance your scrapping, card-making, quilting, appliqué, and crafting in general.
Sat, Apr 13 (9am-12pm) - both CM and DX models

ScanNCut Canvas WorkSpace Intro (BSC) (1 session)

$90 (or only $45 for That Sewing Place GOLD ScanNCut purchases)
Bring your laptop and discover just how much creative power you have at your fingertips with the 
Brother ScanNCut Canvas live web site. Learn to navigate its features and functions—it will expand your ScanNCut options to “limitless”. Discover thousands of existing cut files and how to access them; treat yourself to virtually unlimited fonts, and learn to create your own custom cut files.
Sat, Apr 13 (1pm-4pm)

ScanNCut & HTV (BSC) (1 session)

$150 (or only $75 for That Sewing Place GOLD ScanNCut purchases) + $10 Kit Fee
Explore the exciting world of HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) as you explore an assortment of "iron-on" vinyls. Learn hands-on how to cut and apply, combine and create with this relative newcomer to the home and craft market. Way too much fun to miss! Perfect for garmentry, home dec, totes, and more.
Sat, May 11 (10am-4pm)

ScanNCut Embroider (BSC) (1 session)

$90 (or only $45 for That Sewing Place GOLD ScanNCut purchases) + $5 Kit Fee
This class was established just for you avid embroiderers! Learn to apply the convenient and easy features of the 
ScanNCut to simplify your machine-embroidered appliqué projects. You’ll love the effortless accuracy you can achieve! Cover design selection, adaptation, and stabilization for perfect results every time!
Sat, Jun 15 (9am-12pm)

ScanNCut & Quilt (BSC) (1 session)

$90 (or only $45 for That Sewing Place GOLD ScanNCut purchases) + $10 Kit Fee
Specially targeted for quilters, this class covers the essentials of cutting fabric for various quilt applications: pre-treating your fabrics to be cut, cutting, drawing seam allowances, scanning and cutting assorted intricate and laborious appliqué pattern pieces for quilting and quilt-broidery. No sewing machine required—this class is all about creating the cuts.
Sat, Jun 15 (1pm-4pm)


ScanNCut Canvas Club (3 session)

We call it a club, but really, it’s a playdate  - an opportunity to explore a ton of cool things you can do and make with your ScanNCut... Starting in Canvas Workspace! Using Canvas Workspace, play and create your own original designs (such as subway art) for sign decor and heat transfer, "wallies", papercrafting, etc.
Thu, Apr 18, May 16, Jun 13 (1pm-4pm)